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About us

Believing on the one hand that Perfume has always been considered a luxury product, and on the other hand, that Scents should be available for everyone to wear, iPerfume, as a Perfume company established in Edmonton-Alberta-Canada in 2020, was created from just a simple idea: making the Most Expensive Fragrances in the world affordable for all.

To achieve this objective and realizing that what makes perfume expensive is especially the cost associated with packaging and advertising, iPerfume started to produce Fragrances Inspired by Luxurious and Designer Scents by avoiding a very large part of the expenses related to these two areas. Regarding the Fragrances inside the bottles, iPerfume uses in its products the best quality ingredients so customers can enjoy the gorgeous world of Fragrances but without designer prices.

Given that customer satisfaction is the top priority for our company, we offer our customers high quality Perfumes and Fragrance Oils at a price they could afford. In addition, by offering a money-back guarantee, iPerfume increases customers feeling of their purchase experience. According to the reviews existing on our online store, customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our products.

Finally, iPerfume is growing day by day, and thanks to its original creations and its ambitions this Canadian perfume brand plans to become known internationally.