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Smells very nice
and long lasting 
fast delivery
Excellent packaging


Excellent 👌👌👌

Tried this product from i-perfume, I'll give it an all thumbs up
Price is Right, products is great, definitely a good buy. 
Will recommend it to the fellows out there.
Go get it!!


Goodess scent

This is an amazing scent.😍 I'm in love with it and everytime I put it on I definitely turn heads and I get a lot of compliments. Try it for yourself you will thank me.



still no one can beat it 👍


Love it !!

I have the black opium and I love the scent! I love this perfume. Smells like the original, and even better. You can put it on and stays all day long. Also the price is a fraction of the original product. Also customer service was excellent! Definitely recommend this product!


I half to say by far the best in town good prices and unbelievable quality on the product they carry if you haven't tryed them yet I would highly recommend them as your first stop


So I ordered the sample kit. All of them smelled so good. lol

The oud wood is extremely Amazing. On my 3rd order. And fast delivery.

Took less then 10 days. And the bottles are a great size for the price